Currently, we are offering the following equipment, but we are constantly purchasing new products to be up to date. If your project requires a special type of equipment, you are welcome to contact us and we will see what we can do. The Studio is 140 square meters and is located in an independent building

Control Room

  • Computer – Mac Pro 6-core, 16 GB RAM
  • Monitor – Samsung Curved 26 ″
  • DAW – Pro Tools, Logic Pro X
  • Plug-Ins – Waves, Universal Audio (SSL, Neve, Empirical Labs etc.), Softtube, East West, Superior Drummer, Melodyne and others.
  • Control surface – AVID C | 24
  • Antelope Orion 32 +
  • Compressors – ART Pro VLA II, Klark Technology LA-2A clone
  • Preamps – True Systems P-Solo, Lindell Audio, Fredenstein, Audient, Golden Age, Studio Projects, etc.
  • Effects – Lexicon, Roland Space Echo
 Live room
  • Amplifier – Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 (2 pcs), MESA Subway D-800, MESA/Boogie trad. Powerhouse 210
  • Guitars – Fender Stratocaster, Fender Jaguar, Furch acoustic guitar.
  • Bass – Fender Precision Bass, Squier Vintage Bass.
  • Keyboards/Synths – Grand Piano Malmsjö 1932, Nord Stage 2 M. fl.
  • Drums – Ludwig (20 ″ Keg, 12 ″ and 16 ″ timpani, Eddy Ludwig supraphonic, Bosphoros Hi-Hat)



  • Neumann U87 Ai (2 pcs)
  • Soyuz SU-013M (2 pcs)
  • Sennheiser MD-421 (2pcs)
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure Beta 52A
  • Beyer Dynamics M160 Band Microphone
  • Shure SM57 (5 pcs)
  • Sontronics Solo (2 pcs)
  • AKG LC
  • Etc.


  • Genelec 8050A
  • Yamaha NS-10

Acoustic design and the construction

Interested in the construction process? Read more at "Studio Forum"! (Swedish) 

It is not enough to only have the right equipment, the acoustic environment is at least as important. When we budgeted for the construction the first priority was to have a good environment. It is one of many advantages of building the studio from scratch. Below are some pictures from the construction stage.

Björn Melander was responsible for the projecting of the construction and sound insulation in the studio. He has extensive experience of music studios across the country, with many large projects behind him. For the acoustic environment, Christian Borg was responsible for the calculations and design of the studio.